Visit Cabrillo Beach near Long Beach

Apr 22

Cabrillo Beach is part of the small coastal neighborhood of San Pedro and different from most other beaches, it is more like a park with grass, benches and a BBQ area. It is a popular swimming, fishing and boating area and is the only public beach located within a port complex.

It features the 1.75 mile Los Angeles Breakwater which ends at the Angel’s Gate Lighthouse, the Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse. It’s popular for beach bonfires, tide pooling and windsurfing. It’s also a popular spot to observe the seasonal midnight grunion spawning on the beach. The south-facing piece is narrow and rocky, good for exploring the tide pools during low tide. Because of the breakwater, there are relatively calm waves for windsurfing and north part is good for bird watching and whale watching. The beach is open and the lifeguards are on duty throughout the year.

If you’re looking for a beach area to spend a full day, you’ll find plenty to do at Cabrillo Beach. Stay at the Comfort Inn & Suites hotel in Long Beach, and get rooms at very affordable rates. For more details visit:

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