Things to Do in Long Beach

Aug 27

DM Pike%20 %20Cyclone%20Bridge%20and%20Ferris%20ngt512 Things to Do in Long BeachLong Beach is the fifth largest city in California with roughly 464,000 residents. Long Beach is a great place to take the family or enjoy a work and leisure trip and get a tan. Vacations will surely be full of fun and entertainment.

There are many things to do in Long beach.

Shoreline Bike Path

Biking is a great way to see what’s going on in town while getting a little exercise. There are plenty of places nearby to rent when you visit long beach. The bike path offers a great chance to get into the more crowded shoreline areas without the parking problems.

Aquarium of the Pacific

This aquarium is going to take you half of the day to see. Over fifty exhibits including a shark lagoon, 350,000 gallon tropical tank gallery, 3,200 sq. ft. outdoor aviary. Open 9:00 am – 6:00pm every day except Christmas and the Grand Prix in mid-April. This aquarium is right for all ages. It offers events and education for kids, adults, and seniors.

Shoreline Village

After you’ve visited the aquarium, you might like to trip to Shoreline Village less than a half mile away. The village is great for having a beer and a bite under the warm California sun as there are plenty of food options for you. There are many shops at the marina offering many things to customers.

Pine Avenue

It’s a great place to go if you’re hungry. With all of the different regional foods, you’ll be sure to feel spicy as you make your way down the avenue. The variety and quality of food with plenty of outdoor dining is nice and perfect for enjoying some lunch. Shop during the day and party at night at this trendy and lively part of town. Also near Shoreline Village, you’ll find it really easy to get around. Here the city life meets beach life which is a nice reward for making your trip to Long Beach.

Long Beach Fishing.

Fishing is an activity most people do for fun. This simply means that you are bound to have a healthy manner of conducting it. As you are exploring the harbors of Los Angeles and Long Beach, you will have a taste of what it means to do salt-water fishing. Bring along your tennis shoes with you for you to have a safe catch.

Angeles National Forest.

This is an ideal spot for travelers as well as from people living within the area. They offer a variety of recreational activities. Picnic is one of the best things you would enjoy from the place but you could extend your pleasure to swimming and fishing. Mountain bikers and equestrians may also enjoy this attraction.

Bixby Park

A great place to visit on the way back to the waterfront entertainment is Bixby Park. Bixby Park is full of things to see and great for relaxing by the beach. The park is best enjoyed during the day. The picnicking and wandering down to the beach are best experienced during daylight. This park gets interesting and a little seedy at night. In a town packed full of homes, businesses, and tourist attractions Bixby Park has great places to see blades of grass and birds instead of concrete and neon.

Sun Bath on Beaches

The best California beaches bring you great sandy long beaches with great views of mountains, great waves for surfing or boogie boarding and you may also have a great time as you meet new people and party with tons of beautiful women and more. There are beaches that great for surfing, and others are great for Volleyball. The best beach include Laguna, Corona Del Mar, Crystal Cove, and Huntington and Manhattan Beach.

Cultural Festivals

Long Beach has a history of art and culture that stretches all the way back to the city’s roots. Even today, the coastal city attracts artists and musicians, actors and writers,  that together create a cultural tapestry that is colorful and rich. The Long Beach Museum of Art is known far and wide for its collection of California fine artists. The Museum of Latin American Art which displays a collection of world-renowned artists from Latin, Central and South America

Visitors to Long Beach should also take time to visit The Pike, an open air center with quaint pathways and an ambiance that is unmatched elsewhere in town. The Pike has restaurants, a movie-theatre, retail and attractions. Families can play all afternoon and ride the Ferris wheel. Then, at night the adults take over spilling out of bars on their way to the Laugh Factory.

These are the best hotels available in Long beach, however there are around 39 hotels available which might suit your vacation, Business trips or to celebrate weddings and parties. Fun and Entertainment does not stop in Long Beach and its one of the favorite destinations to celebrate your vacations.

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