Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain visit Long Beach

Jan 09

Come and check out two historic ships when they arrive in Long Beach from January 2-16, 2013.

Lady Washington 2007 Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain visit Long Beach

The original Lady Washington sailed the seas in the 18th century and was part of the Columbia Expedition that left from Boston Harbor. She was the first American ship to reach Japan and conducted various trading in the Pacific. Now, the replica sails up and down the Pacific Coast educating those interested about the life of sailors, trade, and sail officer’s responsibilities. You may have also spotted the Lady Washington in the movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.”

Hawaiian Chieftain Commencement Bay Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain visit Long BeachThe second ship that usually accompanies the Lady Washington, is the Hawaiian Chieftain. This vessel was built in 1968 in Hawaii and is known for its maneuverability in shallow waters.

The two ships joined forces in 2006 to provide a joint education program and sail training along the west coast.

Bring your family and friends to see these two beauties at the Rainbow Harbor in buy cialis Long Beach before they set sail. More information can be found here:

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