Enjoy a Short Walk around Redondo Beach near Long Beach

Apr 01

Redondo Beach is one of the three Beach Cities located near Long beach in Los Angeles County. It is both a town and a stretch of oceanfront sand and focus of many who want to be in the sun and near the ocean. It is beautiful and popular due to its oceanfront location and fun things to do on the pier.

The marina and nearby harbor offer plenty of room to paddle around, and lots to see. You can get there by walking along the oceanfront sidewalk south from the pier. Spring and fall are usually nice and so is winter. Redondo Beach activities includes Bike path, swimming, and lifeguard on duty during daylight hours, Volleyball playing, and most important is Walking path along the ocean.

If you’re looking for a beach area to spend a full day, you’ll find plenty to do within the area centered on the Redondo Beach marina and pier. Stay at the Comfort Inn & Suites hotel in Long Beach, and get rooms at very affordable rates. For more details visit: http://www.cisuiteslongbeach.com/

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