Jan 20

El Dorado Nature Center and Park Long Beach is located in Long Beach’s El Dorado Park East since 1969. The nature center itself is very good, featuring local wildlife, educational things for children and over 100 acres with wildlife, carefully restored ecosystems, accessible trails and ponds. Once you step inside the nature center you enter a special world with two attractive lakes, forested trails, turtles lie around in the sun, and blue heron swooping over the waters. There is really an amazing diversity of wildlife.

Trails Hours:
Tue-Sun, 8am-5pm

Museum Hours:
Tue-Sun, 8:30am-4pm

El Dorado Nature Center and Park Long Beach provides 2 miles of dirt trails and a quarter mile paved trail wind around lakes through forested areas, grasslands and wildflowers. Also the Nature Center grounds offer sanctuary to over 150 species of birds, an ample variety of trees and plant life and variety of wildlife including turtles, frogs, rabbits, skunks, squirrels and many more.

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