Oct 08

col1 Explore Culture of Asia and the Pacific Islands at Pacific Asia Museum Located at 46 N. Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, California, USC Pacific Asia Museum is an Asian art museum  totally dedicated to the arts and culture of Asia and the Pacific Islands, serving the Greater Southern California region. The museum was founded in 1971 by the Pacificulture Foundation featuring the structures to the city for art and cultural purposes as Asian art and antiques. In 2013, the museum became part of the University of Southern California. It is one of the great treasures of the museum being an important extraordinary example of Chinese architecture, designated a Cultural Heritage Landmark by Pasadena and Los Angeles. Also, collection of unique Asian inspired clothing and jewelry, books and decorative accessories in the Museum Gift Store.

In 1976 the building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, and in 1989 declared a Historical Landmark status.  It also features some of the rare and representative examples of art from throughout Asia and the Pacific Islands. The mission of this museum is to preserve, present and interpret the arts and culture of the Pacific Islands and Asia in order to promote appreciation of these cultures. The main mission is to preserving, presenting and construeing the arts and culture of Pacific Islanders and Asians to the public.  The design and style is made in such a way it looks like Chinese imperial palace and features a central courtyard with a garden, a small pool, and decorative carvings. The galleries surround an inner courtyard garden with a koi pond. The Chinese Garden is an exhibit in itself, featuring architectural elements, sculptures and plants that play a significant role. A zig-zag bridge prevents evil from making its way into the garden. Deer sculptures signify long life. Lotuses symbolize purity and the potential for enlightenment.


The museum’s mission is to further encourage intercultural understanding through the arts of Asia and the Pacific Islands. The museum fulfills its mission by organizing and presenting exhibitions, performances, lectures, classes, workshops, and festivals, all drawing on the arts and cultures.

Gardens and Buildings:

The museum courtyard is enthused by the classic gardens of China where architecture is in harmony with nature consists of many of the traditional plants and decorative elements that support this unity. The courtyard remains a focal point, providing transition between public and private space. While the layout, pond and plants have changed over the years.  Some of the traditional artifacts are Taihu Rocks, Dragon, peon, Stone lions, Pine, Bamboo and Plum, etc. The pond contains carp or koi traditional fishes found in a Chinese garden. Where as the building named as Grace Nicholson Building became a center for the arts in Pasadena, and was host to many cultural organizations.


Rare and representative examples of art and ethnographic objects from Asia and the Pacific Islands could be easily seen here at this museum. Some of the major collections includes Harari Collection of Japanese paintings and drawings from the Edo period, significant holdings in Chinese ceramics and textiles,Japanese folk paintings, a South Pacific tapa collection, the Lydman and Snukal Collections of Chinese ceramics, Southeast Asian Ceramics from the Collection of Margot and Hans Ries, a fine collection of Buddhist art and as well as the complete prints of Paul Jacoulet.  From Himalayan Buddhas to Chinese porcelain and Japanese costumes, the quality and range of Nicholson’s collection is stellar.


The Museum provides active exhibition and education programs to promote increased understanding and appreciation of all cultures. The Museum’s permanent collection contains more than 14,000 rare and representative works and artifacts from Asia and the Pacific Islands, Rotating themed exhibits spanning a period of five thousand years. The museum is relatively small, with a half dozen galleries around the courtyard which display the art and cultural elements of Asia and the Pacific Islands. You may see Japanese abstract paintings, a thousand years of Chinese ceramics, Tibetan furniture, costumes of Korea or Pakistan, or Buddhist icons from many cultures. There are also expanded virtual exhibits on the museum’s web site that go into greater depth and present additional items from the collection.

General Admission:

Ticket Types Adult: $8 Gate Price $9 Student (with ID)/Senior (ages 62+) $6 Gate Price $7 Children under 12 members are free. Free admission every fourth Friday of the month.

Hours of Operation:

Weekdays: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Parking: Free


The Pacific Asia Museum offers ongoing programs including guest lectures, the “Authors on Asia” series, Tai Chi classes, Chinese Brush Painting classes and other special events.  Guided school visits consist of an hour-long guided tour of the museum’s galleries, led by a docent, and an hour-long art workshop, led by a local artist.  Free tours can be scheduled for groups of 10 or more. Some are free with admission, others require a separate fee. Group visit is self-guided and you will be exploring the museum without a docent which needs a reservation. All these provide quality arts programming and education to children and families. The Gift Shop has a nice selection of books, handcrafts, replicas and Asian antiques.

While staying at the Comfort Inn & Suites Long Beach hotel, you’re only few miles away from the Pacific Asia Museum featuring art and artifacts tell stories adding cultural and historical understanding covering a wide range of eras and geographical areas. Stay with us at the Comfort Inn & Suites hotel in Long Beach, and get rooms at very affordable rates. For more details visit: http://www.cisuiteslongbeach.com/

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Aug 27

DM Pike%20 %20Cyclone%20Bridge%20and%20Ferris%20ngt512 Things to Do in Long BeachLong Beach is the fifth largest city in California with roughly 464,000 residents. Long Beach is a great place to take the family or enjoy a work and leisure trip and get a tan. Vacations will surely be full of fun and entertainment.

There are many things to do in Long beach.

Shoreline Bike Path

Biking is a great way to see what’s going on in town while getting a little exercise. There are plenty of places nearby to rent when you visit long beach. The bike path offers a great chance to get into the more crowded shoreline areas without the parking problems.

Aquarium of the Pacific

This aquarium is going to take you half of the day to see. Over fifty exhibits including a shark lagoon, 350,000 gallon tropical tank gallery, 3,200 sq. ft. outdoor aviary. Open 9:00 am – 6:00pm every day except Christmas and the Grand Prix in mid-April. This aquarium is right for all ages. It offers events and education for kids, adults, and seniors.

Shoreline Village

After you’ve visited the aquarium, you might like to trip to Shoreline Village less than a half mile away. The village is great for having a beer and a bite under the warm California sun as there are plenty of food options for you. There are many shops at the marina offering many things to customers.

Pine Avenue

It’s a great place to go if you’re hungry. With all of the different regional foods, you’ll be sure to feel spicy as you make your way down the avenue. The variety and quality of food with plenty of outdoor dining is nice and perfect for enjoying some lunch. Shop during the day and party at night at this trendy and lively part of town. Also near Shoreline Village, you’ll find it really easy to get around. Here the city life meets beach life which is a nice reward for making your trip to Long Beach.

Long Beach Fishing.

Fishing is an activity most people do for fun. This simply means that you are bound to have a healthy manner of conducting it. As you are exploring the harbors of Los Angeles and Long Beach, you will have a taste of what it means to do salt-water fishing. Bring along your tennis shoes with you for you to have a safe catch.

Angeles National Forest.

This is an ideal spot for travelers as well as from people living within the area. They offer a variety of recreational activities. Picnic is one of the best things you would enjoy from the place but you could extend your pleasure to swimming and fishing. Mountain bikers and equestrians may also enjoy this attraction.

Bixby Park

A great place to visit on the way back to the waterfront entertainment is Bixby Park. Bixby Park is full of things to see and great for relaxing by the beach. The park is best enjoyed during the day. The picnicking and wandering down to the beach are best experienced during daylight. This park gets interesting and a little seedy at night. In a town packed full of homes, businesses, and tourist attractions Bixby Park has great places to see blades of grass and birds instead of concrete and neon.

Sun Bath on Beaches

The best California beaches bring you great sandy long beaches with great views of mountains, great waves for surfing or boogie boarding and you may also have a great time as you meet new people and party with tons of beautiful women and more. There are beaches that great for surfing, and others are great for Volleyball. The best beach include Laguna, Corona Del Mar, Crystal Cove, and Huntington and Manhattan Beach.

Cultural Festivals

Long Beach has a history of art and culture that stretches all the way back to the city’s roots. Even today, the coastal city attracts artists and musicians, actors and writers,  that together create a cultural tapestry that is colorful and rich. The Long Beach Museum of Art is known far and wide for its collection of California fine artists. The Museum of Latin American Art which displays a collection of world-renowned artists from Latin, Central and South America

Visitors to Long Beach should also take time to visit The Pike, an open air center with quaint pathways and an ambiance that is unmatched elsewhere in town. The Pike has restaurants, a movie-theatre, retail and attractions. Families can play all afternoon and ride the Ferris wheel. Then, at night the adults take over spilling out of bars on their way to the Laugh Factory.

These are the best hotels available in Long beach, however there are around 39 hotels available which might suit your vacation, Business trips or to celebrate weddings and parties. Fun and Entertainment does not stop in Long Beach and its one of the favorite destinations to celebrate your vacations.

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Jul 28

Franklin Canyon Park is a public park located near the eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains. It rests on 605 acres near the center of Los Angeles between the San Fernando Valley and Beverly Hills. The park boasts a three-acre Lake, ponds, wildflowers, chaparral, grasslands and oak woodlands, variety of wildlife and over five miles of hiking trails.

Popular activities include hiking, cycling, picnicking and bird watching. Its three main trails – Discovery, Berman, and Hastain are great for novice to intermediate hikers. Franklin Canyon Park also features the Sooky Goldman Nature Center, the Sam Goldman Amphitheater, and the Eugene and Michael Rosenfeld Auditorium. Park areas are available for an indoor party, meeting, or wedding with a beautiful view. Dogs are allowed on leash. The Reservoir Loop trail is perfect for introducing young children to the outdoors, or for a peaceful walk.

Franklin Canyon Park is truly a peaceful oasis hidden in the city of Los Angeles near Beverly Hills’ backyard. While staying at the Comfort Inn & Suites Long Beach hotel, you’re only few miles away from the Franklin Canyon Park. For more details visit: http://www.cisuiteslongbeach.com/

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Jul 21

The White Point Nature Preserve is a 102 acres area of re-established coastal sage scrub habitat, hiking and handicap access trails, and a new Nature Education Center overlooking the Pacific Ocean, located in San Pedro. The Center opened in 2010 which serves as a resource for families, students and the public groups. There are miles of trails which hold various interpretive exhibits and surrounded by native plant demonstration gardens and bird watching. Except hiking trails the preserve is packed with wildlife, and local history.  You will also see a huge WWII bunker – a 4,000 square feet of pure concrete. Atop the bunker is an artificial hill that affords some of the most amazing, sweeping Pacific Ocean views.

A beautiful rocky beach great for exploring the amazing tide pools and most of the coastline there is cliff. Beginner and expert divers will find interesting underwater vistas to explore. The area is rich in reefs and kelp around the point is harbors for the elusive critters.

Hours: Dawn to Dusk
Center Hours: 10am to 4pm on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday

For nature lovers that also happen to be history buffs, a hike in White Point Nature Preserve is a must see. While staying at the Comfort Inn & Suites Long Beach hotel, you’re only few miles away from the White Point Nature Preserve. For more details visit: http://www.cisuiteslongbeach.com/

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Jul 14

The Portuguese Bend Reserve is the largest area of natural vegetation remaining in the rolling hills of Palos Verdes Peninsula, in Los Angeles County. This reserve is home to coastal sage scrub habitat, a community of intensely fragrant and highly drought resistant shrubs and flowering plants. With close floral and faunal similarities to the Channel Islands, area a natural research laboratory for the study of island biogeography and evolutionary ecology.

Hikers, off-road bicyclists and equestrians of all ages are welcome to enjoy many miles of trails and take in the surrounding natural beauty of the peninsula. The most popular is the Burma Road Trail. There are lots of other short trails winding way through the hills which give you a lot of ocean-viewing sights with a single track line that follows the road which offers amazing ocean views. The area also serves as habitat to many migrating birds moving through the region in fall and spring. Dogs must be on leash are allowed for a hike.

While staying at the Comfort Inn & Suites Long Beach hotel, you’re only a few miles away from the Portuguese Bend Reserve. For more details visit: http://www.cisuiteslongbeach.com/

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Jul 07

Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge is located along the built-up Orange County coast and near Long Beach County. Established in 1972, it includes 911 acres of remnant saltwater marsh and upland habitat serves as an important stopover and wintering area along the Pacific Flyway for shorebirds.

Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge is destined to protect two endangered bird species as the California Least tern and the light-footed clapper rail. Some of the rare species are California brown pelican, peregrine falcon, Belding’s savannah sparrow, Waterfowl, shore and wading birds. Public use is restricted and monthly public tours of the refuge and nature center are offered to the public to see the unique bird watching. The refuge is available and open for all ages. Also restore the area natural habitat and attract more native wildlife.

Hours:  Saturday 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

The garden and marsh would be best seen during the spring for the garden bloom or fall for the migration of birds.

Stay at the Comfort Inn & Suites hotel in Long Beach, very close to the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge and get rooms at very affordable rates. For more details visit: http://www.cisuiteslongbeach.com/

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Jun 23

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium is an aquarium in San Pedro which concentrates on the marine life of Southern California since 1935. It connects visitors from all ages in education, recreation and research to uphold information, admiration and conservation of the marine life. It was designed by famous architect Frank Gehry. The museum provides rich and varied opportunities to see and learn about the fascinating marine environment. The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium survives on funding and donations.

Hours: Tuesday – Friday – 12 noon to 5 pm, Saturday – Sunday – 10 am to 5 pm
Admission: Free (donation basis)

People can experience an ocean wonderland of gray whales and other marine mammals like jellyfish, lobster, and even sharks, with birds, native island plants, and marine biology at the museum. With multiple aquariums, touch tanks, and fascinating exhibits of local marine life and displays, visitors get close views of amazing underwater world. They also offer school, group programs and many events/tours are also held which enhance and add facilities for education, science, and learning.

While staying at the Comfort Inn & Suites Long Beach hotel, you’re only a few miles away from the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. For more details visit: http://www.cisuiteslongbeach.com/

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Jun 17

Point Fermin Park is a beautiful park at the southern-most point of the city of Los Angeles which is located near San Pedro at the end of Gaffey Street. This 37 acre park marks an amphitheater, picnic and barbeque areas, a children’s playground and stunning vistas of the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island.

The park features an awesome walking path right on top of the cliff which overlooks the ocean with spectacular views and the ability to watch sea life. The centerpiece of the park is the historic Point Fermin Lighthouse which was built in 1874. The best time to visit this place is at low tide, when most of the rocks and pools are exposed.  It is also one of the few places on the peninsula where Monarch butterflies spend their winters. It is a 4 mile out and back trail and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking & walking and is accessible year-round. Park is open at sunrise and closed at sunset.

In short, Point Fermin Park and its surrounding area is packed with spectacular views, geological wonders, and fascinating history.

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Jun 10

First Congregational Church Of Long Beach is a house of worship of the United Church of Christ located in downtown Long Beach and founded in 1888. Designated as a Long Beach Historic Landmark, the church occupies a historic red brick structure designed in the Italian Romanesque style built in 1914. The 110-foot tower is supported by a steel frame and features a belvedere with a low-pitched, pyramidal hip roof supported visually by a white terra cotta bracketed cornice.

The church’s main mission is to serve the people of the community, of all ages, races and economic levels. Offer Christian education, youth programming, a music ministry, parent’s night out, nursery care and more. Also host a wide range of community events including music performances and workshops.

Hours: 8:00am – 10:00pm (Open all days)

First Congregational Church Of Long Beach is also home to some wonderful works of art, stained glass windows and sculpture.  While staying at the Comfort Inn & Suites Long Beach hotel, you’re only minutes away from the First Congregational Church, Long Beach. Book directly on the Hotel’s Website for the lowest possible rate:  http://www.cisuiteslongbeach.com/reservations

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Jun 03

Skinny House Long Beach is a Tudor-style home which was built in 1932 by Nelson Rummond. This 860-square foot house is three stories tall, and stands as proof to all that amazing things can be done with a little creativity. It is a private residence, but you can drive by and view the exterior. It’s the skinniest house in North America!

The house was featured in the Guinness book of World Records, Ripley’s Believe-it-or-not, and many other magazines and TV shows. Walt Disney even visited the property at one of the many open houses the various owners have held.

The Skinny House Long Beach is located at the corner of Gladys Avenue and Seventh Street. It is close to the Comfort Inn & Suites hotel in Long Beach where you can get rooms at very affordable rates. For more details visit: http://www.cisuiteslongbeach.com/

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